Last November, we launched NewsPicks with an ambitious goal. At a time when fabricated news stories and toxic, troll-filled comment sections plagued most digital platforms, we believed we could build a more intelligent and more insightful community around the day’s most important news at the intersection of tech, business, politics, and culture. 
Six months later, we are overjoyed to announce that NewsPicks is flourishing. In the last few weeks, we’ve hit two major milestones: surpassing 100,000 users and reaching over 100 Picks on several stories. We couldn’t have done it without the support of you, our earliest fans!
Making our mark
As we grow, our core mission remains the same: to empower you to broaden your perspectives, better understand the news and learn from each other. To do this, the quality of the community and your commentary are paramount.
Every time you comment or start a discussion on NewsPicks, you are helping to enrich this platform and proving that there can be informative engagement around today’s most important stories. The more you share your expertise and experiences, the more you help increase our collective understanding of topics from tech to geopolitics to health, and everything in between. Thanks to your input, our world is less black and white and more marvelously striped.
Marvelously striped
I’m sure you’ll stick around for many more Picks to come and I look forward to reading all of your insightful commentary.
Ian Myers