Disney boss says Hitler ‘would have loved social media’

‘Hate and anger are dragging us toward an abyss,’ Bob Iger says

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Maryam Banikarim
Purpose-driven change agent. Chair (RSF). Former CMO at Hyatt. Gannett. NBCU. Univision...

Well there u have it. One corporate CEO is willing to go there.

Catherine Tannahill
prof, teacher

A positive call to our better selves. But then the article ends with the last two paragraphs which illustrates the devisiveness he condemns. Iger is speaking for today's world not the practices of a generation ago. People are expected to be better as we learn from past mistakes but current practice is not to celebrate improvement but to never forget Or forgive an error. Ruminating on your grievances breeds hate & anger.

Calvin Yee
Egon Zehnder

A call to a be better version of ourselves....