Perspective | I watched 21 Marvel movies this month — and witnessed a decade of progress for women

Preparing for “Avengers: Endgame,” I was struck by things in the older movies that I missed the first time around.

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Sean Minuti
Software Architect

The recent Captain Marvel movie is must-see in this respect of progress for female hero characters and also as prep for Endgame. For those just catching up, you should try to at least see Avengers 1, Guardians 1, Infinity War and Captain Marvel.

Update - no big spoiler, but Endgame continues the trend of highlighting female heroes. As an aside, younger kids were crying during the end sequence, so parents - it's rated PG-13 for a reason, why are you bringing 6 year olds to this movie? I cried happy tears (to myself) during Captain Marvel multiple times, it's that good. During Endgame, the little kids were balling and I felt l bad for them instead of staying wrapped up in the movie.

Maryam Banikarim
Purpose-driven change agent. Chair (RSF). Former CMO at Hyatt. Gannett. NBCU. Univision...

A binge watching exercise that reveals progress. Interesting study ... might have to replicate.

Jeff Behounek

Great perspective on how the roles have grown for women in the super hero world.