Why Trump makes a 76-year-old white man look like the Democrats’ best chance

The Trump era is burnishing Joe Biden’s strengths, and downplaying his weaknesses. That makes his 2020 presidential run is most viable one yet.

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Maryam Banikarim
Purpose-driven change agent. Chair (RSF). Former CMO at Hyatt. Gannett. NBCU. Univision...

The ad Biden launched his entry into the race with is good -- focused on the issue of "character" it will be interesting to see how much money will he raise today. It's a crowded field and a pretty wide range of candidates have emerged. Early days.

Khalil A. Cassimally
Community Project Manager at The Conversation

Disagree that Joe Biden is the Dems' best chance. It's socialism or barbarism. A centrist moderate can't compete with Trump's barbarism because they won't actually challenge the status quo that isn't working for the many, but is instead working for the few. We've been there already.

The only hope of defeating the exclusionary brand of politics pushed by Trump is to propose an alternative vision of inclusion that addresses this current political and economic system that has left millions behind. Only Sanders offers this vision.

Bradley Tusk
CEO at Tusk Ventures

Who knows? He’s the best chance if the notion that a left wing populist can’t win the general is right. That turned out not to be the case in 2016. Lots of misplaced assumptions about the voters. Not sure why this is that different.

Weiyee IN
Chief Strategy Officer

It is really hilarious (and sad) the front runner has a competitive advantage because of his being centrist and his notoriety for gaffes. At bare minimum he has his name recognition from having served and having been fairly low-key compared to that "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" ...

Joe Culhane
Sustainability Communications Coordinator at Portland Community College

Is anyone else already worn thin by the cacophony of nonsense that is the early presidential race? Besides the fact that we live in an oligarchy/plutocracy reality here in the US, one controlled by the revolving door of corporate leaders/lobbyists who rotate in and out of the Whitehouse, it is also important to recognize that this one person at the top of a fickle hierarchy is the farthest thing from what is important to focus our collective attention on presently. We have a worldview largely still dominated by the idea of perpetual growth, measuring the health of our country by Growth Domestic Product and how low our unemployment rate is. This is absurd and needs to be reckoned with. The climate catastrophe and environmental breakdown we are in the midst of demands we shift our narrative, alter our collective mythology, and get honest about what we are facing and indeed in the midst of. Sure, Trump is not a person we should be hoping gets re-elected. But that’s not the point here. A 76-year-old white man in a country dominated by white supremacy and capitalism sure as sh$t is not what we need to be rooting for either. The systems of oppression need to be dismantled. The ‘business as usual’ that is destroying our planet needs to be on everyone’s lips, around every water cooler. Women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ need to have their voices heard and be a part of the leadership in our desperately needed transition away from the mess we’ve got ourselves in. Please, let us not get too distracted with who is going to run for president. They will all bash each other during the primaries and fill our news cycles with the same empty rhetoric that we have seen for generations. I will admit though, we do need to have free healthcare, Higher Education, and eradicate student debt. I support those ideas wholeheartedly. But we really need to alter the entire systems of our zero sum game that is capitalism and our broken form of democracy. Money rules in the US and we need to change that power dynamic and bring the power back to the people.

Oh, and Bernie Sanders is a WAY BETTER candidate...