Joe Biden Is Running for President, After Months of Hesitation

The former vice president has stayed on the sideline while his record has been scrutinized. His entry is sure to reshape the Democratic primary contest.

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Ian Bremmer
President at Eurasia Group and GZERO Media

No disrespect to Biden, but I strongly disagree with the notion that what makes America what it is depends on who the President is. Believing otherwise requires nearly Trumpian levels of narcissism.

Khalil A. Cassimally
Community Project Manager at The Conversation

It's socialism or barbarism. A centrist moderate can't compete with Trump's barbarism because they won't actually challenge the status quo that isn't working for the many, but is instead working for the few. We've been there already.

The only hope of defeating the exclusionary brand of politics pushed by Trump is to propose an alternative vision of inclusion that addresses this current political and economic system that has left millions behind. Only Sanders offers this vision.