The Future of Work Could Bring More Inequality, Social Tensions

Automation, robots and globalization are rapidly changing the workplace and governments must act fast and decisively to counter the effects or face a worsening of social and economic tensions, the OECD warned.

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Michael Chui
Partner, McKinsey Global Institute at McKinsey & Company

The OECD highlights some of the potential workforce challenges that automation can bring, including retraining and inequality (there’s more than enough work for people to do). Whether our societies end up with good outcomes will be the product of our choices.

Maggie Chan Jones
Founder & CEO at Tenshey, Inc.

Whether we like it or not, automation is changing the workplace. #FutureOfWork includes human & machines. Governments & private sectors must work together to protect & transition those who may be impacted.

Shakima Williams-Jones
Owner at Love Movement LLC

This is the conversation that I just had with my son as we were completing his college enrollment paperwork. This article does not even mention how race or sexual orientation intersects with these statistics, but that must be considered as well. We need to constantly be cognizant of how technology, AI specifically is changing our economy.

"Changes in employment will hit some workers more than others -- particularly young people with lower levels of education and women who are more likely to be under-employed and working in low paid jobs, the OECD said."

Weiyee IN
Chief Strategy Officer

The saddest part of this is that this is an issue that should have been addressed decades ago when first brought up under the Bush administration (Sr) when he spoke about the displacement by automation in oilfield workers and the dire need for training and upskilling. Since then every single politician has campaigned around education and innovation, but none have executed.

And instead now wealth adjustment and robot taxes are being suggested instead.
unfortunately these are Band-Aids and placebos that are not going to be effective for the long-term. If we as a nation want to be strong and competitive, we need to focus heavily on education in a way that defines competitive talent and skill sets, starting in grade school.

Alex Barrera
Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (thealeph.com)

Can't stress the importance and urgency of this! We need to design better programs to absorb and reintegrate low skilled workers and those with higher risks of having their job automated. The problem is real and needs to be addressed now, not tomorrow or inequality levels will rise to the breaking point.