CIA Offers Proof Huawei Has Been Funded By China's Military And Intelligence

According to reports on Saturday, the CIA has shared evidence with agencies across the Five Eyes that Huawei has received funding from China's military and state intelligence. If true, this collaps...

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Gastao De Figueiredo
Senior Director, Commercial Partner Strategy and Analytics at Microsoft

China may not have laws to coerce a company into collaboration with the intelligence agencies. But it does have laws to imprison individuals that do not follow the political regime... And all it takes is one software developer.

The other major contenders on the 5G race come from Sweden and Finland - democracies centered on respect for the individual...

Whether Huawei does or does not take direction from government intelligence needs to clear a higher bar of proof than company statements.

Alex Barrera
Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (thealeph.com)

Not surprised at all by this. All high profile technology companies out of China have either funding or direct links with the party. It's the way China has operated for centuries. This doesn't necessarily mean they did it to interfere but it surely comes with strings attached.

Craig Suckling
AI in Action - head of data, analytics & AI at Avios

No big surprises here considering all major Chinese companies will be linked into the party. Gaining total assurance with any provider is very difficult. Ultimately we have to assume a dirty network regardless of the provider. Chinese or otherwise.

Lawrence Levy

It would be naive to assume Huawei would reject a Chinese military request to interfere with a foreign network if the circumstances required it. Similarly, I’m sure US agencies have tried to do the same, successful or not.

David vb
Design & Strategy

Did everyone really forget already that Google’s Android was developed in collaboration with the NSA? It was even publicly admitted after it came out. — So this is no different.