As Stocks Climb, Some Investors Wonder When to Get Out

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Junta Nakai
Industry Leader at Databricks

Nothing is more CERTAIN to make you poorer than trying to time when to buy and sell stocks.

It just isn’t possible. Period. No investor in the history of stock markets has consistently figured out when to get in it get out.

Mathematically, one mistimed decision can have material adverse impact on long term returns.

Don’t bother wasting your energy thinking about it.

Kalesh Menon
Finance Controller at Ingredion Thailand

Being able to time the market is an illusion. I would book some profits to convert the notional gains into actual greenbacks 😀

One should never love one's stock holdings because you never know when they stop loving you back. So, prune your portfolio regularly to keep it heathly and harvest some gains when the sun 🌞 is shining bright. That should make you wealthy and wise. 👍

John Gray
Former Banker Risk Management

Diversity includes hard time investments beer bread and ball bearings. The hard rule is to only play with what you can afford to pay.

Jeff Gardner
District Manager, Commercial & SLED MPS, SCSE USA at HP

Read Mr. Nakai’s advice, above. Well stated.

Constantin Kostenko
Sr. Director, Blockchain Solution Architectures & Platforms at ConsenSys

When in doubt invest in yourself.