Mueller submits report on Trump investigation to AG Barr, no new charges

The transmission of the document ends a lengthy probe into the president and Russian interference in the campaign.

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Bradley Tusk
CEO at Tusk Ventures

Absent criminal charges, it’s unlikely the report changes underlying views about Trump by either side. So where does that put us? Pretty much exactly where we’ve been since 2016. Hillary voters support whoever the Dem nominee is in 2020. Trump voters stick with Trump. And the only two variables that matter are turnout and where independents go. The midterms indicate both favor the Dems but it’s hard to trust a party that chose Gore, Kerry and Hillary as 3 of its last 4 nominees.

Candy Crowley
Fmr. CNN political anchor, wannabe novelist

Once the report or the summary of the report gets out in the public domain, the issue becomes 100 percent political.
My guess is no one will be satisfied with this report but everyone will find something in it to prove what they have believed from the start. eg: either a) The President should now be impeached or b) The President did nothing wrong/ illegal.
This is not the end. This is the battle beginning in another arena.
First up, who gets to see what.
Have no fear, Capitol Hill leaks like a sieve, we will eventually know a pretty good bit of it.
Adding: most interesting part ( should we get to see it) Mueller’s explanation of why no indictment of POTUS. ( because you can’t indict a sitting President? Or because he couldn’t prove illegality? Or POTUS did nothing wrong?)

Russell Telker-Hernandez

All this because some people just can't accept defeat. Sore loser democrats have cost this country millions of dollars and I'll bet their not done yet. I hope they soon learn that the harder they push this the more people they turn away. Their hard core base are the only ones who care. Everyone else I've spoken with is just sick of the whole damn thing.

Craig Suckling
AI in Action - head of data, analytics & AI at Avios

Unless there is some hardcore evidence to indict the president then this will just bounce off teflon trump as so many other scandals have already done

John Gerzema
CEO at The Harris Poll

In our last month’s Harris Poll, 53% of US adults feel more anxious in their daily life today than they did a year ago, and more than 65% of US millennials feel this way. The key reason? National division. This won’t help. Time to come together, America.