Holdout Jeff Bezos Confronted by Amazon Moms Demanding Daycare

The self-styled Momazonians hope to persuade the CEO that the perk will help Amazon retain and recruit talented women.

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Allyson Kapin
Founder at Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign

Amazon is one of the wealthiest companies and does not provide backup daycare benefits like many of its tech competitors. Perhaps if there was more than one woman in senior management who reported to Jeff Bezos this would be more of a priority.

Bradley Tusk
CEO at Tusk Ventures

We all assume that Bezos is so innovative and forward thinking that whenever he doesn’t do something like this, we assume there’s a deeper reason why. But what about the possibility that he’s an older guy not totally in step with the times (the NY debacle proved that too)?

Heather Landy
Editor at Quartz At Work

Great story, which I particularly appreciated reading on a day when schools in NYC are canceled because of snow ... It’s telling that the one Amazon mom interviewed here as a counterpoint, the one extolling the company’s benefits for families, also has a stay-at-home spouse. Managing a family alongside career demands when both partners work, or when there’s only one parent, is insanely difficult in America. Having backup childcare for the handful of days you might need it is no panacea for that — but it doesn’t mean Amazon shouldn’t offer it. Solving America’s working parent crisis is going to require lots and lots and lots of little fixes.

Jesse Hawks
Owner at Hawk.Haus and Vitaimaging

You can take this with a grain of salt, but here is my two cents as a working male father who has to take off work occasionally when daycare situations fall through.

I am allowed 10 days of vacation time a year (after having worked here some time, starting is 5 days), no personal, sick or flex options. I just take the full 8 hours regardless if I actually need the full period of time.

My wife and I just have to alternate our vacation time to cover life hurdles like these. I understand how this could be beneficial or how it will help families, but I don't think it is exclusively a female employee issue. Unless these 1,800 ladies are single mothers it takes two and having a partner who can help juggles unexpected events, if they are married or have a partner are they unable to make this work?

Believe me, I worked at a job with flex time, and benefits like this (no daycare option though) and it was great, but what makes Amazon "need" to do this? If other companies are providing the service, great, it is a perk for working for them, perhaps seek employment with them.

The reality is this is not an across the board issue, many companies are not financially capable of offering a daycare service, some are. Although Amazon is more than capable of the financials, it is their prerogative as to what benefits they offer employees. If you don't like their offering, perhaps move along to a job that gives you what you want.

Just because you work for Amazon and they are giants doesn't entitle you to perks most Americans don't enjoy. But hey if it works, I applaud the effort and the culture shift it will make at Amazon, I just don't see this as necessarily a women or "Momazonian" issue, culturally as a capitalist country it is a parent issue, and addressing time off, sick leave, flex options, etc. at all businesses would go a long way in helping many families and individuals move up their respective ladders.

Peter Green
Founder at FoodMakers.NYC

How many of these Momazons are corporate execs and how many are hourly warehouse workers?