A complete guide to Microsoft’s comeback

In 1993, Satya Nadella—then a technical marketing manager—sat in front of a camera for a broadcast about how developers could use Microsoft server products. The broadcast itself is a relic of its time: developers could call into a live hotline to inquire about Microsoft products (this was before customer support chatbots), Nadella chunked out code…

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Erin Holmes
Head of Marketing/Dir. Product Management at Invested Media

I’ve worked on different platforms through the years and one thing has remained consistent. Many tools change but building on the Microsoft Azure platform has stayed tried and true.

We trust Microsoft with our our documents, our workflows, our processes, and our tech. Any tool we’ve ever tried, we eventually circle back to MS.

It’s a good company, with good leadership, and good tools.

Fei Yao
Founder at NewCampus

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? When I learnt to use the Internet, I’m not sure I could differentiate dial up from Windows95 so this stride definitely gets some feelgood points from this millennial!

Patrick deHahn
News curator at Quartz

There was one point where some employees were worried about telhe future of Microsoft. A former employee told Quartz, “I don’t think anyone thought there was even a chance it could be saved."

Looking forward to this week's membership series on Microsoft under Nadella--it's exciting to see what the company is doing now in the face of AI, cloud development, user trust, and more.

David Park
Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University

I don’t think enough credit is given to the board for making this decision. Instead of going for the big flashy names (see Yahoo, etc) they made a thoughtful and (with hindsight) a wonderful choice. Now the same board also kept Ballmer on for too long ; )

Nick George
Lead Software Engineer at Valorem Reply

Microsoft has came back out on top and stronger than ever.