23andMe wants to be a pharmaceutical company

23andMe is best known for its home DNA-testing kits, but it also wants to become a pharmaceutical company. Driving the news: 23andMe is doing early research on 13 compounds, which could ultimately ...

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Adèle Salin-Cantegrel
Founding Executive at scikoop

Whenever a company has the means to develop new diagnostic tools and new treatments to save lives, it is a good thing. What they do after with the products, is another story.

Maggie Chan Jones
Founder & CEO at Tenshey, Inc.

With over 5 million users who have had their DNA analyzed for ancestral data, it is logical and smart that 23andMe wants to develop drugs that battle some tough diseases. Hopefully, bringing down drug costs is also one of their key objectives.

Dr Gail Barnes
Partner at Personify LLC

They have the data on our DNA, now come the drugs to treat issues that have been identified. Makes business sense for them, but does it make health sense for us?

Max Lockie
Platform Editor at Quartz

It would be nice if any successful drugs would be reasonably priced in recognition of the broad base of individuals whose genetic identity lead to the successful compounds.

Also - I wonder how much the future of 23andMe depends on this project and its data sales/licensing business? Where is the revenue once genetic tests plateau?

Mike Osswald
VP, Experience Innovation at Hanson Inc.

When you’ve got the data, put it to use. What’s it going to do, hurt people?