FT wants to acquire The Information

News. The Nikkei-owned Financial Times is believed to be negotiating to acquire or invest in The Information, the subscription-based digital media company founded by Jessica Lessin in 2013. The Inf...

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Jeanna Liu
Tech/Media M&A Banker, Investor, Startup Advisor

It’s been a ghastly ride for those on the digital media and publishing rollercoaster.

But Jessica Lessin’s “The Information” is a beacon of light. The reason this model works is because it offers quality B2B content and events with a clear subscription model day 1. It doesn’t try to be all things to all people, but targets a specific professional/prosumer base who are accustomed to paying a premium for inside research and mission-critical content.

The trade off with these models is they can become profitable sooner but don’t typically scale (to billion dollar businesses) quickly. It will be a win-win if FT and Nikkei can accelerate scaling without diluting the existing value proposition.

James Cakmak
Entrepreneur | Tech Analyst

Smart. The Information was the first formidable content platform which understood the direction of the media industry by going direct without impression-based dependence. They priced themselves accordingly and focused on what’s most important: quality. Hats off.

Shane Green
CEO / founder at digi.me (US) / UBDI (ubdi.co)

Congrats (knock on wood) to the team at The Information. Sometimes quality content does win.

Alex Barrera
Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (thealeph.com)

Ahhh nice and logical move. FT doesn't covers that space and The Information was limited in their scope as to survive much longer on their own. Nice symbiosis :)

Roger McNamee
Author of “Zucked” at Elevation Partners

The Information is a great idea. There is a lot to like but the coverage of the biggest tech story of the decade — Google and FB — has not kept pace with newspapers or other blogs.