Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency powers move

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Ian Bremmer
President at Eurasia Group and GZERO Media

Total estimated cost for the border wall: $23 billion

Amount Trump wanted in government budget for wall: $5.7 billion

Amount Trump got in budget for “fencing”: $1.375 billion

Total amount Trump says declaring a national emergency will allow him to redirect towards a wall: $8 billion

That sinking realization that a ridiculous campaign slogan from 2016 is about to plunge the country into a genuine constitutional crisis: priceless

Phillip Lipscy
Political Science Faculty at Stanford University

The national emergency declaration will be ruled unconstitutional and thrown out after days of breathless media coverage. Meanwhile, Trump will manage to keep the news cycle fixated on his favorite topic, border security, instead of his numerous scandals and investigations. It’s not about building the wall, but making people talk about the wall.

Edward Dowling
Product Manager

This is scary because of how blatantly it bypasses the systems of government designed to keep power in check. I am deeply concerned this will become the new normal.

Shane Green
CEO / founder at digi.me (US) / UBDI (ubdi.co)

I don’t see how McConnell and other Republicans in the House and Senate can accept this. It’s a true test of their constitutional powers. And, their worst nightmare, imagine AOC one day pointing to this as precedent to bypass Congress. Where does it stop?

Jonathan Bell

The national emergency no one else knew about. This is an extremely dangerous circumvention of our Constitution. He needs another spanking in court.