Never Tweet

Friends, reporters, fam: It’s time we journalists all considered disengaging from the daily rhythms of Twitter, the world’s most damaging social network.

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Paul K. DiCostanzo
Managing Editor at TGNR

As an aspirational ethos, “never tweet” raises an interesting quandary in modern journalism. How do you weigh thoughtful, well founded and quality reporting against a platform that gratifies pure reaction? Its very hard to serve two masters, to say nothing of serving them well.

Perhaps the most realistic aspiration is viewing Twitter as the ultimate challenge of brevity. I have always taken real interest in those who say exactly what they mean, communicating all that’s implied, without needing to exceed 280 characters. When this is coupled with an aptitude to skillfully choose what one Tweets about, avoiding reaction to every blip in the news cycle, is when that platform is used best.

AnaLivia Jardine

Interesting read with intriguing points. I loved Brian Stelter's take on it: "Being on Twitter contributes to a sense that the thing being shouted about is hugely important and being discussed by THE WHOLE WORLD when in fact it's being discussed solely by people who are Extremely Online."

Max Lockie
Platform Editor at Quartz

Hard agree.

Twitter is fun and engaging but it has destroyed political discourse. Tweet about the NBA, tweet about KPop, but journalists should stop trying to form policy one quip at a time!

Bruna Martins
Corporate Marketing at Medidata Solutions

Essentially how I use the platform. Lurking and reading, and sometimes getting caught in the comments blackhole.

Liz Webber
News curator at Quartz

My first reaction to this headline was, not gonna happen, I love Twitter! But then I thought about it some more and realized this is already the way I use Twitter. I've always been very careful about what I post, and as my days have gotten ever busier I don't usually have time to think up witty things to post. I hope at least some people continue to tweet though, so I can keep lurking.