A New Fund Launched in Franca Sozzani’s Honor Will Support Genomic Research

Now, just over two years after her death from lung cancer, her son, the photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini, is following her lead.

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D.A. Wallach
Recording Artist & Investor

I'm so excited to help found this new charitable fund with my friend Francesco Carrozzini to honor his legendary mother Franca Sozzani. Robert C Green and his collaborators are doing critical work to enable truly preventive medicine. via @voguemagazine

Naveen Jain
Founder & CEO at Viome

Our genes are not our destiny. Our generation has chance to prevent and reverse chronic diseases which all start in the gut. Our microbiome and food we eat is the key to our health. Here is a good way to think about it.

Your genetics is like a beautiful Piano.. and a GIANT one with 23,000 keys. But it's just sitting there doing nothing. Your Microbiome is really the Pianist. And not just one pianist, but 10,000 pianists (genes/taxa) playing that massive piano all at the same time! Each pianist has a different background... classical, jazz, pop, etc. (evolutionary origins) and a different performance style (environment). The Food you eat is like the musical Score you are giving your pianists. You have an incredible number of options and variations of Scores to choose from... different composers and performers... or maybe you compose your own Scores. When your Pianists interpret your Score and play your Piano, what comes out is incredibly sophisticated and unique music.. these are your human externalities (phenotypes, metabolites, etc). You don't have a choice with the Piano you were given, but you can choose and train your Pianists, and you can certainly give them all kinds of lovely Scores to play. Your choices each day produce the notes that are your molecules, and the symphony that is your body. It's up to you to make your own delightful and singular music!