Starbucks to Offer Coffee Delivery Across U.S.

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Suzy Ryoo
Partner, Vice President of Technology & Innovation at Atom Factory & Cross Culture Ventures

‪In China 2 months ago, I was fascinated by Luckin Coffee, a 1 year old startup with 1,400 stores & an in app ordering + delivery model. Pondering about the comp in the US, there wasn’t one unless you combined Starbucks with Uber Eats. Here we are now, 2 months later.‬

Maggie Chan Jones
Founder & CEO at Tenshey, Inc.

As consumers are getting more and more used to having everything including meals delivered to them, the Starbucks + Uber Eats strategy makes sense as a new revenue stream. It also strengthens Uber Eats’ market presence.

Michael Allen
Retired CFO and World Traveler

No mention of the how much the added delivery charge is on your $5 Venti Latte. I’m a huge Starbucks fan as they’ve transformed the quality of coffee in the US, but what we consumers are paying for this type of convenience, over the long term, is money not being saved for retirement...take it from a guy who retired early through frugality and investing. 😉

Michael Andrews
Founder & CEO at MPA Global

My view on this is pretty simple if you are hosting people in you office it might make sense but to your home, not for me. I have excellent coffee makers at I am sure costs far less than the tip might be.

Maryam Banikarim
Purpose-driven change agent. Chair (RSF). Former CMO at Hyatt. Gannett. NBCU. Univision...

Pretty sure they already know where you live... be it from the loyalty program or the app that allows you to cut the line. They had begun testing this... and like all things convenience is king.