Every Company Is Now a Tech Company

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Spencer Camp
UX/UI Designer • MSc. USC Design, Business, & Technology

Industries that didn’t exist 15 years ago:
• Ride-sharing
• Home-sharing
• Cloud infrastructure
• Blockchain

Industries that didn’t exist 40 years ago:
• Information technology
• Personal computing

Technology is always the future industry that we don’t understand yet.
Every company that recognizes uncertainty as opportunity is a technology company.

Don Tapscott
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Blockchain Research Institute

It wasn’t long ago that the notion of integrating digital technology even into everyday workplace procedures was an absurd notion. We should be careful, though, how this might further undermine our privacy and sovereignty over our personal data.

Maggie Chan Jones
Founder & CEO at Tenshey, Inc.

Many in the tech industry, myself included, have been saying for years that every company is a tech company. The ones who don’t see that will be left behind in the digital transformation. When it comes to retaining talents from acquired companies, it’s still an art. It is not easy to blend various cultures across existing employees, outside hires, and talents from acquired companies, but having representation at the senior leadership table is key.

Matt Walters
Founding Partner at MissionLab Inc

It’s amazing the speed at which digital technology has taken over the world. It always makes me think about what’s next. Is it virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics? Whatever it is, it’s already here and people are already dismissing it as overhyped.

James Ayoub
Analyst // Lifelong Learner // Minimalist

Every company should have some strategy around how they leverage tech and data. However, that doesn’t make you a tech company any more than adopting a social media marketing strategy makes you a social media company; it’s a requirement for those that don’t want to become irrelevant