Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent

New neuroscience research helps us maintain a work-life balance, handle job stress, increase success and wellbeing, and experience more happiness.

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Erin Holmes
Head of Marketing/Dir. Product Management at Invested Media

I listen to “pink noise” when I design in Adobe because I find it stimulating.

When it’s time for sleep, there’s nothing like Max Richter’s 8 hour sleep album.

It’s not always possible to spring into meditation. Noises can definitely be used to do the trick.

Alex Jiménez
VP, Senior Strategist at Zions Bancorporation

Does it make me strange that I found the song stress-inducing instead? The heartbeat-like beat made me nervous.

Arianna Huffington
Founder and CEO at Thrive Global

A lot of people listen to music to help them relax, but the question is, what song is best for the job? It turns out, science has the answer. According to researchers from Mindlab International, one song was better than all others at making us relax: “Weightless,” by Marconi Union. The song reduced anxiety in study participants by 65 percent and produced a 35 percent reduction in overall physiological resting rate. And it’s no coincidence – the band actually worked with sound therapists while crafting the song. And if you want an entire playlist, researchers put together a list of ten songs for your listening – or relaxing – pleasure.

Cynthia Jaggi
Global Strategist and Partner at Living Economy livingeconomy.io

Love this! A validated way to easily reduce stress. Wonder the overlap (or lack thereof)with music when you are in productive mode. @focusatwill your thoughts? I’m going to have a listen for sure.

Audrey Jackson

"Weightless" relaxed me within minutes. I felt my muscles relaxing, and I got drowsy. I wonder if there are any differences in the effect, going by gender? Hormonal differences causing how a person would be affected?