Why imposter syndrome persists in the workplace, and how to deal with it

The majority of employees feel inadequate or unconfident in their capabilities at some point, but an inclusive workplace can help mediate those problems.

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Arianna Huffington
Founder and CEO at Thrive Global

Everybody suffers from “imposter syndrome” at some point. And this can have real consequences for businesses. But, as Macy Bayern points out, there are certain things workplaces can do to help their employees move past it and be their best and most productive selves.

Beth Comstock

I’m not a good actor or poker player so not good at faking the confidence part. I’ve found it more by setting small goals to move myself forward — ie asking a question or stating an opinion in a new setting. Over time it builds confidence. It takes humility to say “I don’t know.” Company cultures can do more to instill this kind of openness, as opposed to “success theater.” It’s no wonder that someone feels like an imposter when everyone else pretends like they know everything!

Jay Margolis
Chairman at Intuit Consulting

On my tombstone “ but I still haven’t figured it out yet”. Always need to be a little over your head

Mark White
Founder at White Label Media

I remember being completely in awe of CNN President Tom Johnson and the fact Wolf Blitzer called his office. when I was right out of college. I later learned he used to hide under his desk because of the pressure and what sounds like imposter syndrome. It obviously affects everyone from top execs to entry level positions.
There are impressive startups out there like Tokyo-based Attuned, that use A.I to learn about individual employee motivation as well as perform regular check-ins. And it is works! Reduces turnover significantly and helps avoid catastrophic hiring mistakes/mismatches.

Amy Miller
President at Miller Mediation and Solution

Fake it until you make it. Anytime you jump into a new role, this stage is a reality. You don’t know what you don’t know... yet. Hang in there. There are so many changes occurring in the workforce, every day is full of innovation. While it’s a nebulous place to be, get excited as you are going places no one else has gone.