Overhaul Boosts Credit Scores of Millions of U.S. Consumers

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Seek Truth

The biggest source of credit damage has not been addressed. Companies set up to buy bad credit accounts for pennies on the dollar and the report the debt for years until the borrower needs to get a mortgage or other credit and is forced to pay off the predator debt purchaser, This whole industry popped up when people were losing their homes and jobs, and were unable to pay small credit debts. These bottom feeding predators prey on the most vulnerable people in society. Yet these company own enough politicians to avoid being ever confronted.

Max Lockie
Platform Editor at Quartz

Score one for the little guy.

connie Donoho
cas and Co

Nice article but I didn’t see my credit score go up very much. Less than eight point. It be nice if it went up even more. Only time will tell.